A good diet is the cornerstone of a rabbit’s health.

A good diet is the basis of everything. It keeps rabbits healthy and can also help to prevent boredom. As a general rule, rabbits need a diet based on 85% grass or feeding hay, 10% greens and 5% good quality nuggets. Providing the food that mimics what rabbits would eat in the wild is vital, and can be inexpensive and even fun – you can even pick rabbit food in your garden! 

Greens, veg and herbs

Along with unlimited grass or hay, greens, vegetables and herbs play a vital part in a rabbit’s diet.

Why grass or hay is vital

Unlimited, good quality hay is the foundation of a healthy diet for pet rabbits. As well as providing the nutrients they need, it has many other benefits, including keeping their teeth in order.

The importance of water

An easily overlooked topic but a vital one. Find out the role water plays in a rabbit’s diet.