More than just a slogan.

The RWAF exists because countless pet rabbits live miserable lives because their owners simply don’t know any better. Rabbits are seen as cheap and easy pets and as a result suffer conditions that don’t come close to meeting the needs of the species.

A Hutch Is Not Enough sums up, in 5 words, that there is so much more to keeping rabbits than many people realise. Elsewhere on this site you will see detailed advice about diet, health, accommodation, companionship and enrichment and we urge every rabbit owner to take a good look because there is always more to learn.

As well as expressing our main message, A Hutch Is Not Enough is also the name of our long term campaign to change the landscape of rabbit keeping. Through A Hutch Is Not Enough, we are challenging the Pet Retail Industry to:

  • Stock products, that meet the needs of the species.
  • Provide up to date and accurate care advice to their customers to allow them to give their pet rabbits the lives they deserve.
  • Put the welfare of pet rabbits at the heart of the retail practices.

Good welfare is good business!

We are asking pet shops to provide products that suit rabbits’ needs and provide good advice to their customers will have customers who will return to buy good quality products throughout their pets’ lifetimes. And being healthy, those lives are likely to be far longer.

Aiming at the source

As well as working with Pet Retailers, we are also asking manufacturers and wholesalers to get the right sort of products made available so retailers can do the right thing.

A note about our approach

The RWAF is pro-rescue and is against the sale of rabbits in pet shops, through breeders or online. We understand, however, that for the foreseeable future rabbits will be sold, so we have to work with the industry to make improvements. Similarly, in our advice about hutch sizes we recommend a minimum of 6 feet, but allow retailers to join our Charter if they don’t stock any hutches under 5ft and include a 5ft and a 6ft hutch in their range. This is again because we have to be realistic and know we can’t change attitudes overnight, but instead get the industry on board and start to make lasting changes.