In our A Hutch is Not Enough campaign we are working with the pet industry to make the products sold for domestic rabbits more in keeping with their welfare needs.

A reminder that our minimum recommended living area for 2 rabbits is 10′ x 6′ x 3′ high, which should include a shelter 6′ x 2′ x 2′. However, we acknowledge that not all owners can achieve this immediately and that changes might need to be gradual.

This page lists all of the retailers who have signed up to our Retailer Charter. By signing up to the Charter the retailers are making a pledge to do the following:

  • Not to stock hutches smaller than 5′ x 2′ x 2′, and to stock hutches measuring at least 6′ x 2′ x 2′ in their range.
  • To stress to customers the importance of an exercise run, even with a large hutch, and that rabbits need permanent access to the run.
  • To include our ‘A Hutch is Not Enough’ leaflet in with every rabbit related sale.

We hope this list of retailers will grow as we are constantly working with retailers. We hope that rabbit owners will shop at retailers who are putting welfare at the heart of their trading practices.

Please note that we do not have the resources to monitor the retailers who have signed up to the Charter so if you see anything in any of the retailers below that does not meet the Charter criteria please let us know.

We will no longer be able to allow the use of any version of our logo by any organisation or individual other than the RWAF. This includes the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (company limited by guarantee #10044925) and Rabbit Welfare Fund (charitable incorporated organisation #1167093).

We are in the process of reviewing and withdrawing our logo wherever it is currently used externally. There will be a period of adjustment where you may see our our logo in use in the interim.

We regret having to take this step, knowing that members, rescues etc. like to show their support for us by displaying the supporters logo, for example, but some unfortunate cases of misuse have made this action unavoidable. To put this into context, this is standard practice amongst charities and welfare organisations.

If you see our logo displayed anywhere, please do get in touch so we can make arrangements for it to be withdrawn.

We are in the process of reviewing the use of logo and the companies included.

Manor Pet Housing

Manor Pet Housing offer a range of delightful hide outs and enrichment items. There is sure to be something that you love! This is what Liz told us:

Manor pet housing specialise in bespoke craftsmanship to create good quality products that are built to last as pet homes.

We have many of our own designs, but are also happy to work with you to create an exact made to measure home/setup/enclosure to fit into the space you have.

We currently do not keep rabbits ourselves, however when I was a child I was guilty to owning a rabbit that was kept in just a hutch!……. If only I knew then what I know now, that rabbits life, could have been so If only I knew then what I know now, that rabbits life, could have been so much more!!

With that in mind we are now building these rabbit hideouts and enrichments to help you as rabbit owners create a more suitable environment for your pet, one that promotes the rabbit to have the ability to perform natural movements such as hopping, jumping and stretching out, foraging behaviours such as digging, and places to hide from things that scare them.

We want to work with existing owners, perspective owners and the RWAF organisation to increase awareness that rabbit welfare is extremely important.

To be able to educate people that if you do not fully research a rabbits requirements they will be indirectly causing pain, suffering, injury and disease through poor husbandry skills and lack of knowledge.

Rabbits are intelligent animals, therefore if allowed to get bored and lonely with nothing to do, their health will suffer. That is simply the reason as to why Manor Pet Housing chooses to support ‘A Hutch Is Not Enough Campaign’

Product details can be found on their website and you can contact them via their Facebook page


Runround is the best way to connect your hutch or shed to your rabbits’ exercise area and they also offer a range of exercise runs and tunnel systems.

Check out their website:

Created and ran by Caroline and Paul Lord, this is what Caroline told us:

At Runaround we have been working out ways to make rabbit friendly accommodation for several years now. Our system mimics a natural burrow with its connected areas.

Our main contribution to welfare has been to connect customers’ existing hutches to their runs with our robust and long lasting connection kit. Runaround can be added to any other housing and allow you to do more with awkward shaped gardens and yards. We recommend bolt holes so the rabbits can successfully hide of their own free will, such as a hay hutch or Top Box. Or just a turfed over or buried piece of pipe.

This can fool a fox the rabbits have gone underground and gives the rabbits the upper hand.

We recommend foraging stations throughout the run so that it encourages moving around. Grass and hay and a few pellets mixed together in a hay tube makes the bunnies work for their treats and gets them up on the their haunches exhibiting their many natural behaviours.

Our mesh tunnels and pipes can be used in combinations to offer an exercise link where the buns have to jump up and down to go through (Den Exercise Link) Some pipes (den pipe) can be filled with soil for a dig zone on route.

We keep our own rescues and test all our equipment out on them to see which is the most popular.

Its good to see the domestic rabbit thriving in an environment they understand as it is copying the warren they would make underground.

RunAbout Runs

A safe exercise area is a must for every rabbit, Colin who own RunAbout told us this:

RunAbout has been supplying customers throughout the UK for over 6 years and takes pride in ensuring that all customers are provided with runs that meet the minimum size requirements requested by the RWAF, as well as Wood Green The Animal Charity and also the RSPCA. Whilst some runs are standard sizes, the majority we design and supply are made to each customers specifications and we like to talk to our customers to pass on ideas from previous customers and to advise on the needs of their pets. It is our company policy to refuse a commission when it is clearly evident that minimum standards will not be met.