RVHD2 vaccination update for owners August 2017

For the latest advice please see this post. https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rvhd2-update-november-2017/


Eravac RVHD2 vaccinations are being offered to vets on a discount scheme at the moment. Your vet needs to order the vaccines in the usual way from their wholesaler, and will still need to charge you for an appointment, as the included clinical examination still needs to be carried out and charged for, but this may make vaccination more cost effective for those with multiple rabbits, as well as improving vaccine availability. We will be contacting the Vets on our Vet list direct with more details, so in the first instance discuss this with your own vet.

Filavac is the other RVHD2 vaccine available. Filivac is water based and offers protection against RVDH1 &2. Eravac is oil based and offers protection against RVDH2.

We believe that all healthy rabbits should be vaccinated.

Please note that regardless of whether you use Filavac and Eravac to cover RVHD2, Nobivac is also required for full protection.

The choice of the vaccination regime you chose is something you must discuss fully with your own vet.