The RWAF has long supported the work of rescue centres and by the start of 2011 we had already raised over £12,000 which has been donated to UKrescues. We also support rescues by providing our educational leaflets free of charge and maintain a list of rescue centres. We are also currently undertaking a rescue survey where we hope to update the well known figure of 35,000 rabbits through rescue each year, which we think is very out of date now.

We are now pleased to announce the launch of the RWAF Rescue Fund, where we hope to make a difference to both rescue centres and rabbit owners, and of course most importantly, our favourite animals, rabbits themselves. For details of how we can help and to find out whether you or your rescue are eligable for help, please look at our website

We plan to highlight some of the rabbits that we have helped and may be looking for homes, so please do keep rescue centres in mind if you are thinking of getting a friend for your rabbit or adding rabbits to your family for the first time.

If you believe that a hutch is not enough then join the club!

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  1. Love my rescued rabbits!!

    Love it!!! I have three rabbits at home and they have the run of "their" house! Litter box trained and I get 3-4 ft. hops, straight up in the air when I come home! Lots of happy binkying. Best family member, pet-wise, you could ever have! I'm in the U.S.A. (Florida) so I don't know if I can help but if I can, please let me know. Save the bunnies!!!! #STB

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