Say no to rabbit battery farms

The RWAF is horrified to learn of T&S Nurseries’ rabbit battery farm planning applications and urges Nottinghamshire Council to refuse the applications on the following grounds:

– increase of traffic to the area, and environmental impact of this
– concerns about feaces/waste production and disposal
– loss of agricultural land
– concerns about sustainability –
– whether there is a proven demand for rabbit meat, which generally seems an unpopular choice amongst the majority of consumers
– the physcial and mental suffering of the thousands of rabbits that would be kept in the battery cages until ready for slaughter, and we urge the council to encourage better farming and welfare standards, by refusing these applications.

If any rabbit lovers in the Nottinghamshire area feel strongly about these proposals, they can object on-line
(link to planning application comments pages).

Please note that objections to planning applications will only be considered by the local authority if they meet specific criteria – the following quote from gives a good guideline:

To stand a chance of being taken seriously by the Council any objection or support must be rational, impersonal and directed principally to the planning issues raised by the proposal.

For more information on raising a challenge see the following link:

The current legislation in the UK for meat rabbits is a cage with a floor area of only 0.56m2. This is cruel, in our opinion, and denies the rabbits in these cages the chance to be a rabbit – they can’t run, dig, jump, forage for food or hide. Most other farm animals, other than the unfortunate battery hen, have the chance to behave naturally until they are slaughtered.

Many rabbit owners however may find it a shock to discover that the rabbit hutch where they keep their own pets is smaller than this, and whilst we urge Nottinghamshire council to refuse planning permission, we also urge rabbit owners across the UK to make sure they look after their own bunnies properly by providing the correct environment for them, which should include a large hutch along with a large secure exercise run. For more information about properly caring for pet rabbits please visit our website.