Farm parks, mobile zoos and animal encounters.

Rabbits have the misfortune of being found in various locations, such as farm parks, mobile petting zoos, and animal encounters. These places should all be licenced and inspected, so they should have good welfare standards, but the truth is that we have yet to see one that we think meets the Animal Welfare Act and […]

RWA&F statement in response to BBC decision over Sort Your Life Out episode

Rae Walters, Director at the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund says; “We are hugely disappointed by the decision and statement released by the BBC in response to 1,500 complaints shared by viewers following the broadcaster airing an episode of Sort your Life Out on February 1st 2023, where a family’s rabbits were moved from a […]

BBC Sort Your Life Out Rabbit Rejection

Sort Your Life Out

This is just unbelievable isn’t it? We have had lots of complaints about ‘Sort your life out’ aired on BBC One on Wednesday night.Watch on BBC iPlayer Approx 48 minutes inSo, if you would like to complain to the BBC following this, you can do so via this link: BBC Make A Complaint

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