Valentine Press Release

Bunny girl living alone too long seeks bunny boy to snuggle up with on cold nights, enjoy romantic meals together, and go running, jumping and foraging. Looking to share my spacious love-nest, in well appointed large and secure grounds, well furnished and spotlessly clean. Will nuzzle your ears if you nuzzle mine.
The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) is the UK’s largest charity dedicated to improving the lives of pet rabbits. This Valentine’s Day the charity is urging owners to find a companion for their rabbit.
RWAF Vet Advisor Richard Saunders had this to say. “In the wild, rabbits live in large social groups and depend on each other for security, comfort and grooming. Keeping a rabbit alone is cruel. It’s as simple as that. Rabbits should be kept in neutered pairs or groups and have access to a safe exercise area at all times.”
So whilst we think about our own romantic needs this Valentine’s day, we should spare a thought for the lonely bunnies out there…
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