What is your Rabbit Resolution?

What’s your Rabbit Resolution? It’s New Year and many of us will be resolving to drink less, stop smoking, get out more or just eat less cake. Whatever you’ve decided to do, good luck with it, we know how hard these resolutions are to stick to. In fact, they say that over 80% fail by the end of January. Why not make a resolution that’s easy to stick to, why not make a Rabbit Resolution? We’re asking our members and Facebook supporters if they can do something very small to help rabbits, who as we know, suffer neglect and cruelty at the hands of owners who simply don’t know any better. What will you do? • Give a home to a rescue rabbit and give your own rabbit a companion into the bargain? • Print off one of our posters and ask your vet to put it up in their waiting room to help get the message to rabbit owners? Click here and go to A4 posters to download on the right hand side of the page. https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/ahutchisnotenough.htm • Write to a pet shop that you know sells tiny rabbit hutches and suggest they improve their range? Click here for some example text for your letter. https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/pdfs/letter_to_retailers.doc • Take an RWAF Hop to It booklet to your local vet and encourage them to join? A booklet can be obtained here at a cost of £1 including postage (sadly we have to cover our costs but we hope that won’t put you off). http://www.bunnybazaar.com/RBLBKLT/Books-and-Leaflets/Hop-To-It–A-comprehensive-guide-to-rabbit-care If your vet joins they will receive, amongst other great benefits, 75 Hop to It booklets for their clients. http://www.bunnybazaar.com/HRWAMVP/Membership-Subscriptions/Join-the-RWA–Veterinary-Practice-Subscription • Something else entirely? Let us know by commenting below. Happy new year everybody!