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We’ve partnered with Gyfters to help us raise vital funds for our work.

Gyfters is the UK’s first dedicated incentivized charitable fundraising competition website. Dedicated to raising funds for UK charities through competitions, prize draws, and online raffles. Fully vetted and authorized to run online competitions dedicated to charitable fundraising. Gyfters have chosen us to be their first charity competition. We personally know the people behind Gyfters, and we have been working with them to help launch our fundraising campaign since last year.

We will get a minimum of 75% of the profits from this raffle. Opportunities like this for small charities are so rare, and for rabbits even more so, so we ‘jumped’ at the chance. Please if you can spare £3 to take part in this raffle it would really help us continue our work.

Lots of Charities are finding 2020 difficult because of Covid-19 and we are no different. We have had to cancel all of our annual events, such as our Conference, that would help towards our funds. We have a lot of projects in the pipeline that we want to continue with, can you spare £3 to help us?

We have started research in to bonding rabbits which you can read about here: Solitary confinement is a huge problem for a lot of pet rabbits in the UK, and we want to be able to help owners make pairing up as easy as possible, we still have more work to do on this.

Our ‘A Hutch is Not Enough’ campaign is still going strong and at the moment we are running a petition to highlight the many issues with keeping rabbits as prisoners in a hutch, and to lobby for more protection for them in law. Please sign and share the petition!

We are also working on a ‘Rabbit Welfare Strategy’ document with other organisations, to agree welfare standards for companion rabbits across all sectors, and despite being the smallest organisation, we have funded this project almost entirely on our own. We are nearly there and hope to be able to publish this strategy during 2020.

There is always our ‘day to day’ work which includes running the helpline, supporting rabbit owners with the best information possible, running the ‘rabbit friendly vet list’ offering support to vets and challenging poor welfare when we see it.

We are on the side of rabbits, can you please spare £3 to be on ours?