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A Hutch Is Not Enough

At the Rabbit Welfare and Fund, we’re determined to make life better for rabbits. Our message, A Hutch Is Not Enough sums up that popping a lone rabbit in a small hutch at the bottom of the garden doesn’t really make the grade for kind, thoughtful and healthy welfare.

As it’s so significant, A Hutch Is Not Enough is also the name of our campaign to change the world’s view on keeping rabbits.

A Hutch Is Not Enough

Seven Sins of Small Hutches

Small hutches aren’t just restrictive and unkind, they cause serious health problems. Let’s take a look.

If a rabbit can’t stand up on its hind legs, it can deform the spine, which is painful and permanent.

Rabbits need exercise just like us. Without enough space to get active, they can become obese, increasing the chance of disease and shortening their life.

Rabbits feel the elements more in smaller hutches. A dry, warm spot is hard to find and they end up eating, sleeping and leaving droppings in the same area. This leaves them prone to fatal diseases, like Flystrike.

When rabbits can’t clean themselves due to obesity or a confined space, flies can lay eggs in the fur around the bottom. These hatch into maggots which eat the rabbit’s flesh. Causing a slow and painful death.

Rabbits naturally forage and dig, which wears their nails down. Nails can grow too long on rabbits confined to hutches, making it painful to stand and walk.

These are common reasons why rabbits are abandoned. Boredom leads to frustration and aggression. A rabbit in pain can be difficult to handle and fear of being handled also causes aggression. None of it points to a happy bunny.

Each of these factors, combined with boredom, frustration and loneliness can lead to depression. Depression leads to behavioural problems.

All of these are avoidable. That’s why we’re working hard to educate owners and raise awareness.

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