Creating better tomorrows for all pet rabbits

Meet the RWA&F Team

Say hello to all the people that make the RWA&F the caring success that it is. We all share a passion for happy, healthy rabbits and we’re all experts in our field.

Richard Saunders, Vet Specialist Adviser

Richard Saunders

Richard Saunders BSc (Hons) BVSc MSB CBiol DZooMed (Mammalian) MRCVS.

Dr Richard was our third and final resident at Langford University of Bristol. When his residency ended, we decided to keep him! We’re very lucky to have him one day a week. He guides the health and welfare strategy of the RWA&F, as well as raising the standards for rabbits across the UK.

Dr Richard qualified from Liverpool University in 1994, gained his Certificate in Zoological Medicine in 2001 and his Diploma in Zoological Medicine in 2010, while being an RWA&F resident.

Having previously worked in small animal, avian and exotic first opinion practice, Dr Richard shares his time between the RWA&F, as the Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Zoo and Rabbit Medicine at Bristol Zoo and Langford, University of Bristol. Having lectured and written articles on rabbits and exotic animals he’s also co-authored Notes on Rabbit Internal Medicine and has a particular interest in chinchillas, rabbits and birds of prey.

Dr Richard is also one of only a handful of people in the world to be registered as a recognised RCVS Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.

In 2018 he was awarded CEVA Vet of the Year in recognition of his tireless work in improving the understanding of the veterinary and welfare needs of rabbits. Particularly for his tenacity in introducing the Filavac vaccine to the UK, to protect domestic rabbits against RVHD2.

Claire Speight, Rabbiting On Editor

Claire Speight

Claire Speight

Claire is a registered Veterinary Nurse, A1 Assessor, Clinical Coach and has a C&G Certificate in Nursing Exotic Species.

She qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2007 and has always had a special interest in the health and welfare of rabbits. Besides working in a practice with lots of rabbit patients, Claire also shares her knowledge by writing for many veterinary and owner publications. In between all of this, Claire lectures to veterinary professionals and owners on a host of rabbit health and welfare topics.

In 2013 we were delighted that Claire became our Rabbiting On editor. She has two rabbits of her own, called Albert and Lelia. Both are rescue bunnies who share her home with her two lively Labradors.

Ros Lamb, RWA&F Director

Ros Lamb

Ros Lamb, RWA&F Director

Ros joined the team in 2012 after retiring from a career in teaching in 2008. Having taught for over 30 years in secondary and further education Ros now answers the influx of emails and calls to our Helpline two days a week. She’s also our amazing Fundraising Officer.

Animals have always been part of Ros’s life and she’s shared her home with rabbits since 1998. All of them have been rescues, adopted privately or from rescue centres, so Ros definitely knows a thing or two about the process.

Emma Boyd, RWA&F Director

Emma Boyd

Emma Boyd, RWA&F Director

Emma co-ran Buddies Bunny Rescue in Edinburgh and supervises the Exotic Animal Teaching Facility at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh. She joined our team in 2012.

Four outdoor bunnies of her own keep her very busy. Her main passion is the education of animal welfare, especially rabbits (obviously!) and she hopes that her role within the RWA&F will help her achieve this.

Alan Wilson, RWA&F Director

Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson, RWA&F Director

Since 2006 Alan has been part of the team. His main duties involve writing and reviewing text for press releases, website content and the countless other ways we spread the written word.

Alan’s London home is animal-free but he shares the same passion as the other directors about helping the most misunderstood and neglected pets to live their best lives.

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