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Welcome to Britain's largest organisation for rabbit lovers!

The RWAF has existed since 1996 and is the combined effort of the Rabbit Welfare Association and its charity partner, the Rabbit Welfare Fund, working to improve the lives of domestic rabbits across the UK through education and communication by making people realise that rabbits are intelligent creatures that need space, exercise, companionship and stimulation and are not to be bought on a whim.

Sadly, despite being the third most popular pets in Britain, rabbits are still one of the most neglected domestic animals.

A huge proportion of rabbits live out their days in a small hutch with little or no exercise, or are unwanted and discarded onto rescue centres that are already bursting at the seams. Most cases of cruelty and neglect towards rabbits are out of ignorance; people often don't realise they are doing anything wrong because they haven’t done enough research into rabbit care and wellbeing before choosing to buy a pet rabbit.

As well as being an animal welfare agency, the RWAF also offers members the support needed to give their rabbits the best lives possible and have a huge wealth of experience to share with you.

We firmly believe that Rabbits Deserve Better!

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The RWAF members forum has been moved to our facebook page for discussions. The Vet list is regularly updated, and can be found in the collection of orange links above, beneath the Subscribe button




Telephone Number

Our Helpline number is

0844 324 6090

We're available to help between 11 and 3 on weekdays
Please only use this number to contact us. If you have an older number on record, it won't work and we may be charged for its use if you try to call us on it.



rabbiting onRabbiting On, our quarterly magazine for members, is both fun and informative. It's packed full of all things bunny related, with articles on every aspect of rabbit care, tips and advice from experts, views from members, and of course plenty of pictures of fluffy bunnies!

If you love rabbits then you simply can't miss Rabbiting On - it's free with membership so please join us.


If you want to add your voice to push for a better life for rabbits please join us. Together we really can make a difference! Given that rabbits are often portrayed as children's pets, we also have a membership section for younger members called the 'Jaffa Club' which will help to educate young minds about rabbit welfare. Like what you hear? Want to change things? Then get involved.

The RWAF is an excellent organisation to belong to and I know that help and advice is only a telephone call or e-mail away.
Janine Dunbar , Essex


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