Creating better tomorrows for all pet rabbits

Retailers, educating customers is a smart business move.

We love working with any retailer or manufacturer who puts the welfare of animals at the heart of their business. As a team, we’ve made it our mission to improve the lives of pet rabbits. Retailers can really help us achieve our goal.

If you sell rabbits and their accessories, you’re perfectly placed to help us raise awareness about creating the best possible environment for our furry friends.

We have lots of information, resources and advice that can help the industry create the right products and pass on vital information to customers. From the right sized accommodation and runs, to how customers care for their rabbits and choose a recommended vet. Such knowledge promotes customer loyalty, trust and encourages repeat buying. Great for you and great for the rabbits.

How can you help?

  • Please stock or sign post customers to enclosures of 3m x 2m x 1m high
  • Reinforce how important exercise is and promote an attached run.
  • Give customers our FREE leaflet A Hutch is Not Enough with every rabbit related sale.

Thank you!

Why good welfare is good business

Good welfare makes great business sense. Firstly, one rabbit is a lonely rabbit. Two are happier and eat double the feed, but there’s more.

A lifetime of sales opportunities

We’d like to see all rabbits kept in neutered pairs, regularly health checked by a rabbit friendly vet. They need to be vaccinated, fed a good quality diet with unlimited access to hay. Through spacious accommodation and access to a permanent exercise area, rabbits can live longer. In fact, 8 to 10 years, which means lots of repeat business for up to a decade.

Considered long term customers

Over 40% of rabbits bought as an impulse purchase are handed to a rescue centre within 6 months. Owners who are committed to keeping their pair of rabbits happy for life will invest more in their happiness. From bigger hutches which need more bedding and a run to good quality feed and hay, they’ll also buy regular treats and let’s not forget the toys.

Play a primary role in education

Pet retailers are often the only source of information for owners. You play a valuable role in educating people on their responsibilities as an owner. Passing on your knowledge can prevent neglect. So, at the point of sale, it’s really important to give your customer helpful information.

We have our fantastic leaflet, A Hutch is Not Enough and our booklet, On The Hop. We also have more informative leaflets for retailers, just ask our team.

Coming soon… A mark of approval.

Setting the standards that customers want
We’re working on a very exciting project. It’s designed to highlight the nation’s retailers and manufacturers leading the way on supporting domestic rabbits. We’re launching very soon and we hope you’d love to be involved.

Watch this space, our social media and blogs for the latest news.

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