Creating better tomorrows for all pet rabbits

Our work

At the RWA&F, we want rabbits to live their best life, today, tomorrow and in the future.

We’ve been at the heart of changing perceptions of rabbits being simple, low maintenance pets. Over the years, we’ve been campaigning hard, working with vets and rescue centres, while educating owners to understand these animals better.

Educating pet owners

As the leading authority, we’re guiding owners to make their rabbits’ lives more comfortable, fulfilling and contented. With roomy accommodation indoors and out, and introducing companion rabbits to nurture their natural behaviour.

A go-to port of call for vets

In supporting vets and vet nurses we’ve created educational webinars, and become an advisory body for practitioners nationwide. Our goal is to help professionals advance their specialist knowledge of rabbits through the latest medicine and treatment.

Raising standards in retail

Responsible retailers and manufacturers are our allies. They are a pet owner’s first port of call. At the RWA&F, we provide information, advice and resources to educate owners from day one. Raising standards is also incredibly important to make sure pet products promote rabbits’ behavioural and health needs.

Supporting rescue centres

Specialist rabbit rescue centres are great places to adopt a bunny. We support these wholeheartedly with advice on tap and endless, knowledgeable resources.

Campaigning for change

Finally, we never tire of campaigning to highlight the plight of bunnies and raise awareness. We constantly write policies and lobby in Parliament and Whitehall. Our team also regularly support or conduct studies to promote improvements in rabbit health and welfare, for longer, better lives.

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