Creating better tomorrows for all pet rabbits

Retailer resources that have an impact

If you need more resources to give or guide your customers, this page is your go-to place. We’ve got everything you need to promote the best rabbit care and welfare to your customers.


Click and download from the images to pass on information to your customers.

Posters – Seasonal

Posters – Health & Wellbeing

Booklet and Leaflets

AHINE Leaflet
Information on the best way to look after your rabbits.
On The Hop Booklet
'On The Hop' - the RWAF guide to rabbit care.
You and Your Bunny
A leaflet outlining rabbit needs for children who want a pet.
Good Practice Code
The Good Practice Code for the Welfare of Rabbits

Letters for Rabbit Lovers

Owners 'How To' Guide
A 'How-To' guide for new owners on keeping rabbits in all seasons.


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