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RWA&F Rescue Centre Membership

Join the rescue centre community with our exclusive membership

It’s easy to become an RWA&F Rabbit Rescue Centre Member. Even better, there are lots of great benefits that can really help your centre for just £40 a year. Besides having the latest information at your fingertips and feeling part of our growing community, there are all these extra plus points.

  • 75 FREE comprehensive rabbit care guides a year.
  • Your rescue centre vet can consult with our own Specialist Veterinary Adviser, Dr Richard Saunders.
  • Quarterly issues of our flagship magazine, Rabbiting On, created for rabbit lovers.
  • Specialist resources.
  • Our A Hutch Is Not Enough window sticker.

It costs £40 a year and is exclusive to UK rescue centres.

Join us today!

Let’s get together to help more rabbits live happy, contented lives.

Be part of something bigger that’s making a difference nationwide.

Join us today!
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