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Despite being one of the most popular pets, rabbits are amongst the most neglected, with a huge proportion living out their days confined to a hutch, alone and unable to display the behaviours they would show in the wild.

We aim to improve the health and welfare of domestic rabbits through a combination of campaigning, education and the most up to date advice. If you are a rabbit owner or thinking of becoming one then there is a huge amount of information for you on these pages.

New to rabbits

Twinkle Flopsie Yvonne Barker

The main things to consider if you’ve just become a rabbit owner.

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Covid-19 – managing your rabbits’ vaccinations

With Covid-19 dominating the news, we’ve been inundated with questions about how this affects rabbit owners and put together an FAQ page.

We think we’ve got it bad…

That’s what life is like for countless pet rabbits. Let’s end this casual cruelty.

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Join us in a webinar covering numerous key topics on welfare and ethics

Latest Blog Posts

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    Can you spare a few minutes to complete our survey please? The purpose of this survey is to better understand who owns rabbits, and so that we can show politicians that rabbit welfare matters to votersRead More
  • Parliamentary Rabbit Photograph Competition
    To improve standards of rabbit welfare, we need to get the Government to take a more active stance on rabbit welfare issues. To gather supporters and raise awareness within Westminster about our cause, we’ve launched ParliamentaryRead More
  • Campaign Update Summer 2021
    Welcome to another Campaign Update, keeping you informed of our constant fight to make things better for bunnies. Pets4Homes In the run up to Easter 2021, we advertised on the Pets4Homes platform. Rabbiting On readers willRead More
  • Rabbits and Tonic Immobility (TI)
    We have recently been made aware of the paper below on Tonic Immobility (TI) and the discussion about it on social media. The paper is freely available as an open access item and we would encourageRead More

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