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Despite being one of the most popular pets, rabbits are amongst the most neglected, with a huge proportion living out their days confined to a hutch, alone and unable to display the behaviours they would show in the wild.

We aim to improve the health and welfare of domestic rabbits through a combination of campaigning, education and the most up to date advice. If you are a rabbit owner or thinking of becoming one then there is a huge amount of information for you on these pages.

New to rabbits

Twinkle Flopsie Yvonne Barker

The main things to consider if you’ve just become a rabbit owner.

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Covid-19 – managing your rabbits’ vaccinations

With Covid-19 dominating the news, we’ve been inundated with questions about how this affects rabbit owners and put together an FAQ page.

We think we’ve got it bad…

That’s what life is like for countless pet rabbits. Let’s end this casual cruelty.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Richard’s RAW interview on BBC Cambridge
    Rabbit Awareness Week is a wrap! There was a huge amount of coverage and brilliant feedback. You can still listen to Richard’s interview here: It starts at 1 hour 11 mins in.
  • Pain and analgesia in pet rabbits: a survey of the attitude of veterinary nurses
    We are very pleased to announce the early view publication of a paper by Dr Livia Benato, who runs the rabbit and exotics service at City Vets in Exeter, an RWAF Gold Rabbit Friendly Practice, inRead More
  • Covid-19 and vaccinations
    Dear Rabbit Owner This is an update of our previous advice on rabbit veterinary care at this difficult time. The BVA (British Veterinary Association)/RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) have advised veterinary practices to carry outRead More
  • Campaign Update Autumn 2020
    Welcome to another Campaign Update, keeping you informed of our constant fight to make things better for bunnies. Space We have had a lot of enquiries recently about our minimum space recommendations for rabbits, so weRead More

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