Space recommendations

We have had a lot of enquiries recently about our minimum space recommendations for rabbits,  so we thought it would be helpful to clear up any confusion. Our minimum recommendations Our recommended living area for 2 average sized rabbits (and they should be kept at least in pairs) is a footprint of 3m x 2m.Read More

Home Sweet Home – Renting With Your Rabbit

Guest post by Elaine Line We know it can be hard to find pet-friendly rental accommodation. We hear frequently of people having to give up their much loved pets when moving into rented property. This is very distressing for owners and can also place huge burdens on animal rescues who very often have to tryRead More

Clothes, harnesses and pushchairs!

Here at RWAF we are often asked our opinion on things like harnesses, clothes for rabbits and this week taking rabbits out in pushchairs! It is impossible to cover every eventuality that owners might think up for their pet rabbits, but to try and cover as many as possible we would say that rabbits shouldRead More


The RWAF recommends that pet rabbits are neutered and kept with another friendly rabbit. In our experience a neutered male / female pair works best. They are social animals and suffer from stress when kept without the companionship of their own species. There is research to support this advice: Research has shown that rabbits valueRead More

Recent rumours

Here at the RWAF we are aware of 3 significant fatal viral diseases of rabbits in the UK. Myxomatosis (covered by the vaccine Nobivac Myxo-RHD); Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 1 (covered by Nobivac Myxo-RHD), and Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (covered by the vaccines Filavac KC and V, or Eravac). We are not aware ofRead More


As always we are massive supporters of rescues and always encourage people to #adoptdontshop It’s Welfare Wednesday today and the first one of the month, so today we are featuring rabbits at two different rescues who are available for adoption. Here are photos and messages from the rescues, and hopefully, how you can contact them!Read More

Summer 18 Campaign update

Welcome to another Campaign Update, keeping you informed of our constant fight to make things better for bunnies. Rabbits sold online via classified ads in the what they did UK: when, why, and how many? What they did When Vikki Neville started her internship at the RWAF, the team were keen to investigate the problemRead More

We’ve been busy bunnies!

We have had a very busy few weeks. Easter is always a busy time for media and we have done three interviews for BBC radio, including BBC Radio 4,  as well as having articles published in several magazines including the Mail on Sunday. On Wednesday we worked with our friends from Burgess on the set ofRead More

Is Peter Rabbit For Me?

Peter Rabbit The Movie The long anticipated Peter Rabbit movie will be released in the UK on 16th March. A much loved, long-standing fictional character, yes, but the release of this film will undoubtedly increase the number of children who see the film to want their very own Peter Rabbit. Sadly, many parents will giveRead More

BBC Trust me I’m a Vet

Find out more about what went on behind the scenes in tonight’s Trust Me I’m a Vet