RWA&F statement in response to BBC decision over Sort Your Life Out episode

Rae Walters, Director at the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund says; “We are hugely disappointed by the decision and statement released by the BBC in response to 1,500 complaints shared by viewers following the broadcaster airing an episode of Sort your Life Out on February 1st 2023, where a family’s rabbits were moved from a […]

BBC Trust me I’m a Vet

At the start of the year, we were asked to help find a single rabbit and a family that wanted to improve the life of their rabbit and who would be willing to take part in a TV programme. The RWAF had the pleasure of working closely with Dr Nicola Rooney from the University of […]

Rabbits – Not a Cheap Children’s Pet.

Many people are surprised at how much it costs to properly care for two rabbits, so here is some information that everyone who is considering getting a rabbit should read before they take the plunge. Unlike Cats and Dogs, which are not usually available from pet shops, rabbits are readily available and can be bought […]

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