Farm parks, mobile zoos and animal encounters.

Rabbits have the misfortune of being found in various locations, such as farm parks, mobile petting zoos, and animal encounters. These places should all be licenced and inspected, so they should have good welfare standards, but the truth is that we have yet to see one that we think meets the Animal Welfare Act and […]

Mobile vet clinic is the first of its kind to gain RWAF rabbit-friendly status.

Mobile Vet Clinic

The Small Pet Vet, Nottingham, owned by Dr Adele Wharton, is the first mobile vet service in the country to be awarded a silver-level rabbit-friendly award by the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund. This award recognises the clinical skills of the vet and the facilities on offer for the care and treatment of rabbit patients. […]

Tips for Keeping Cool

Summer Dangers

With the heat wave continuing, please remember any outdoor rabbits. Here is some advice from Richard Saunders BSc(Hons) BVSc MSB CBiol DZooMed (Mammalian) MRCVSRCVS Specialist in Zoo And Wild Animal Medicine Offer a water bowl so that they can get a better drink; they will drink more efficiently and faster this way, and that’s important […]

Scared of the Dark

The use of a live rabbit on the ‘Scared of the Dark’ tv programme was inappropriate as it is detrimental to the rabbit’s welfare. Rabbits are a social species, and being individually housed, as this rabbit was, is aversive. Rabbits spend the majority of their time with a companion when possible (e.g. Huls et al. […]

Channel 4’s response is not acceptable, is it?

Next step, complain to Ofcom: This is our complaint to Ofcom: We have already raised a complaint with Channel 4, and had a response that claims that welfare was of paramount importance, this is clearly not the case. In their email they refer to “the licenced (sic.) company who cares for [the rabbits], in […]

Parliamentary Rabbit Photograph Competition

What's this competition about?

To improve rabbit welfare standards, we need to get the Government to take a more active stance on rabbit welfare issues. We’ve launched Parliamentary Rabbit Photograph Competition to gather supporters and raise awareness within Westminster about our cause. We are asked MPs, Lords and their staff to submit photographs of their pets, and we will […]

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