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New rabbit meat farm application in Rutland

When we were objecting to planning applications in Cornwall and Buckinghamshire, our supporters got together with whatever they could afford, and we managed to lodge comprehensive, professional objections to both plans thanks to using a planning consultant. The objection in Cornwall was a success, and we have you to thank for that! We are waiting to hear about the second application

We have heard that Rutland also has a pending application due to close objections in just a few days, and we want to do the same again. Once again, we are not able to use our normal charity funds because this falls outside our charitable remit, and we would be breaking the law to do that, so we need to ask you to dig deep once again and donate anything you can afford. We want you to add Gift Aid, too if you are a UK taxpayer – it won’t cost you anything more, but the taxman will have to stump up an extra 25% on top of your donation.

We have set up a Facebook fundraiser, which is here, and for anybody who prefers, also a Just Giving campaign which is here

Please donate anything you can so we can stop them from breeding rabbits to become dinner, fur trims and ‘lucky’ rabbits’ feet!

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